Nov 7, 2009

Vigan the Heritage Village

I'm proud to show you my photos of Vigan, a UNESCO world heritage site, located up north in the Ilocos Region where I humbly came from. I'd like to give you something that can make up for my rather long absence.

I've been busy and I've been home in my province during the not so long weekends of All Saints' Day. Vigan is 20 minutes drive from my home town. It is small city which is famous for being able to retain its Spanish-style old houses . These old houses line up a few blocks and are located within the CBD of Vigan. If you go strolling by these houses, you can find antique shops, souvenir shops, and museums in the area. You can also ride horse-driven carts to have a better feel of the old times.This is my first time to photograph Vigan, despite its proximity to my own home town. Let's just say that after seeing several other parts of the country and Asia, and being away for a while, made me realize that it is indeed a jewel of my region, something to be proud of. I guess that I just needed to look at it from afar to realize its entire beauty.

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