Jun 20, 2011

Avocado for Andre

As a mom, I always look into it that my kids get only the most natural snacks and food most of the time, with very minimal canned goods and fast food. I also give 'em chips only once in a blue moon. It helps me that they're not picky and that they don't demand too much on what particular food to eat. So I get to choose what to give them. Of course, I cannot control everything, they might get unhealthy foods sometimes when they're at school or in some other occasions when they are tempted to. That is why at home, we go natural and if possible organic, to make up for those times when they crave for those appetizing junk foods and sodas.
At least the habit of not eating healthy does not come from our household.
The best time to give the kids healthy snacks is when they're bored and hungry in a lazy weekend afternoon. Believe me they'll eat anything as long as they don't have access to chips. I'm happy that we live in a gated community where there aren't sari-sari stores nearby. They can't just go and buy whatever they want. My son, Andre, came to love avocado when I topped it with some condensed milk. He even actually asked me to make him an avocado shake later on.
Healthy and natural, that's what we should always aim for, as long as we have choices. And guilt-free too, for Andre ate his avocado snacks with a smile on his face.


  1. like ur links ate auw... nice one....... hopefully ganyan rin mga kidz ni ate......

  2. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by. But I cannot guess who this is.:)