Jun 19, 2011

In the backyard

It was just me wanting to calm myself down when I am feeling frantic because of some deadlines or busy schedules coming my way - I went outdoors, in my backyard, got my camera and just did point and shoot at some random objects. Some of these were those of our tiny vegetable garden, other were just those of interesting things of nature, whose beauty we often take for granted. It was a good, inspiring break - just enough to get me back on my knees. 
Tiny balls of dew - makes me regret I didn't have a zooming lens.
Green camote grows like a wild fire in the backyard.
The red camote that continues to go on and on even after cutting it all down.
 Heart strings in my neighbor's doorstep, (they haven't moved in yet). Their kitchen is about to turn into a mini-forest now.

The wonder plant "saluyot" above. Our local chili plants never fail our "tinola".
This looks like a poor thing caught up in a web.


  1. Hi Nelissa!'Glad you like it. :)Take care always and stay pretty!

  2. hello Ma'am Aubrey!

    if you don't mind, i lifted your saluyot image and posted in my blog post about saluyot.


  3. Hi Gagay! Hope you provided a backlink at least. Thanks for coming by.