Jun 10, 2011

Growing Up

'Remember my post about the movie Up? Well, my younger son is actually not over it yet and his fondness seems to be growing as he himself grows up. He drew Mr. Fredricksen's house with the balloons on it in many pages of his sketch pads over and over again in different angles, different scenes. He was only 4 when the movie came out, now he's 6 and he still loves it. He has made himself lots of versions out of Lego, be it simple or 3D, used blocks too, and improvised with small balls of styrofoam for the balloons.
The one he drew above is the movie cover while the one below is a scene on top of the plateau where the Paradise Falls is found. Like his Kuya Sean, Andre is really talented. I couldn't be more proud. Take a look.
Drawn from below version
The midget out of Lego or the floor version out of Megablocks.

The 3D version he made in 2009.
A grander version he made just recently mixing Lego with styro balls.

And a whole bunch of random sketches.

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