Aug 5, 2011

Andre's sketches

Andre has been busy again recently with his sketches. I'd like to share some of them. Pardon the messy sketches, he has a habit of sketching many stuffs in one small page making it difficult for me to crop things to separate one from the other. The one above is the skyline of Paris, only the Eiffel Tower is smaller relative to other nearby structures. You would notice this if you compare it with the actual Paris skyline photo below (photo owner here).

This one below looks like a truck carrying a boat? (see top part), silly me. Next to this is well, a boat, that looks rather incomplete/unfinished. But I like the angle of this sketch.

Now here's a messy Lightning Mcqueen. One thing about Andre's sketching is that he rarely used a pencil, always a ballpoint - so that explains the ruggedness of his drawings, and without colors. This is perhaps his own style of drawing, that - I respect and admire.

This one below - he told me, is the house in the movie Signs (Mel Gibson) with the alien spaceships looming ahead. Brilliant. Then there is Astroboy, one of his favorite movies.

This finale is Andre's ever favorite subject, the house of Mr. Fredricksen in UP the movie. It is also my most favorite among his artworks - because even if it is very tiny, no more than 3 inches in length, it has great details in it. Check out Andre's other art works on this movie.

Andre is my younger son. He's now 6 years old. He loves sketching very much, among his other favorite drawing subjects are Harry Potter's Hogwarts School, Ron's house, Hogwarts Express. 'Gotta dig up those and put them all up in here. This is all for now.


  1. Oh thanks there Jack, it's his passion I guess. :)

  2. wow! congratulations to you and bobby to have a son like andre. may potential na kagad sya ha, in his early age.Kanino kya nagmana?


  3. Thanks there! Kanino nagmana? Hmmm... let me guess, me? :)Thanks for dropping by, please do visit my blog again.

  4. I think both ksi bobby is also good during our college days.... pero kapag nakapagpatawa naman grabe halakhak talaga kami.


  5. Thanks rowen, I was just kidding. They got their artistic talents from their dad.:)