Oct 8, 2009

Kids' Artworks Captured

The only way to make your kids' artworks- paintings, sketches, drawings, last a lifetime is by creating soft copies of them, photographing them, so even when they'll get torn or lost or thrown in the trash in the future, which is very likely, you will still have a copy. They also make great additions to your scrapbooks and photo albums.

Make sure to load them up to the archive of your kids' mementos - photos and videos. And don't forget to keep a back-up. In this day and age, one should always produce a back-up, nothing is certain coz it's almost impossible to make our computer crash-proof.And we don't want to regret losing fun memories because of some technical failures.

But still, I suggest that we don't forget to keep the originals in some place safe. The kids would really love to see these when they grow up and they would thank us parents for keeping their works.

Above: Artworks of my kids: Andre, 4 and Sean, 8

My kids' lego works
Transformers Lego
Assorted Lego


  1. Adorable pictures! I photograph some of my kids' artwork, too.
    Thank you for the reminder to do back ups. I have lots of video on my computer that I need to download to an external hard drive. Maybe I'll work on that tomorrow.

  2. Thanks!
    I am a proud mom indeed!