Aug 4, 2011

I heart stamps

I'm very pleased to share here in my blog my dear friend's stamp collection - a two-generation family collection that she's been keeping for years now. Her collection includes stamps that date back from the 70s and 80s. Among those she has, I like the Australia and USA stamps the most because they're so colorful. Others bring back a lot of memories - like the one she has on the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (I was and will always remain a Girl Scout), and those from the Middle East where my folks used to work as contract workers. Collecting stamps was quite a common hobby back then, it is a great way to preserve and commemorate important events, things and people. Sadly, because we rarely write letters nowadays, this hobby has become almost obsolete. I'm glad every time I see collections such as these - they look so nostalgic, vintage, real, tangible.

I remember being a Girl Scout back in my grade school and high school. I was even a Chief Girl Scout Medalist - the Chief Girl Scout Medal is the highest award given to any girl scout in the country. It is awarded by the Chief Girl Scout herself (usually the First Lady) to a girl scout who has done valuable service to her community and duly endorsed by her Council. I remember there were procedures in choosing the awardees, I was already in my first year in college when I was awarded the medal. During my time, it was Fist Lady Ming Ramos who awarded me the medal along with other Medalists. Neat!

This one above bears the early Filipino writing- Alibata for the International Conference of the Red Cross 1981 (I believe the writing says Krus na Pula). It's a pity we did not preserve the native alphabet. Meanwhile, the stamps of Australia below show those of typical natural endowments of the land down under. Next to these are some vintage-looking Australian stamps (Christmas Island, Tennis, John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat, Sandy Beach, and more).

These US stamps look really vintage. There's one that shows the Conestoga Wagon, the Yosemite, and manned moon rover. And last but not the least, "ang bayan kong Pilipinas" and some stamps from the middle east. So thankful to the owner for letting me exploit her precious collection.


  1. Wow, I love it! Am excited to have a collection too! Ipunin ko muna, Ate Au, then ipa-feature ko dito. :)

  2. Hi there! Am glad you like it. Anytime, lend me your collections and I'd gladly share them here. :)

  3. Wow! I thought it was yours.haha. :)

  4. Hi Michy! Oh noh, as I said above it's my bestfriend's collection. I believe I have my own back when I was in high school but I don't know exactly where it is now.:)