May 28, 2012

Andre's Battleship

After watching the movie Battleship, my kids just can't get over it. It was the talk of the table for sometime. Prior to this, they were watching Scoobydoo and some ghost ship and ugly pirates in it. And so Andre, my 7-year old son who is immensely addicted to drawing anything that sticks into his mind - brought out his sketch pad and came out with this nice drawings. His dad calls him an architect in the making. Let me see what you think. Below are photos of his drawings of the USS Missouri in various angles. The fourth one is the same ship made up of blocks.
USS Missouri 3
USS MissouriUSS Missouri 2USS Missouri 4
I chuckled when he asked his Kuya Sean about the spelling of Missouri. At first he was quite unsure, he finally got the spelling right in the second time. The one below is his version of Scoobydoo's Pirate ship.
Andre is really talented because he is so sure of his strokes, he doesn't use pencil, and so there's no room for erasures. He wasn't quite content with just sketching, he built another version of the USS Missouri in blocks. It's so cool!
Pirate shipGhost ship