May 22, 2012

Jump shot madness at Ayala Triangle and lunch at Bfast

Jump shot
Doing jump shots at midday in a full stomach? One of the craziest things that buddies do is to do just anything that comes to mind. Imagine doing a photo shoot in a 35- to 36-degree temperature in the middle of the Ayala Triangle. Except for the sweat, it was sure laughter and fun. I haven't been to Ayala Triangle for a while (while means - years!) and it has truly transformed into a nice and pleasant park - truly a breather in this central business district, kinda reminds me of the patches of lovely parks within metropolitan Tokyo and Singapore.
Ayala Triangle 3 Ayala Triangle We had our lunch at Bfast in celebration of a BFF's birthday. The row of restos in here is not our usual hangout. We normally go to Ayala Center's Greenbelt area. For a change, we chose Ayala Triangle. There are actually a lot of food choices here. There's  Banapple, Bon Chon, Golden Spoon aside from Bfast among others. 'Must have been too busy to not know and become familiar with this part of the city.
Bfast Bfast 2 Anyway, the buttered fried chicken at Bfast became an instant fave of the group. I also loved their nilaga. Tip: they don't have large serving for the buttered chicken for group sharing, it always comes in few pieces with a cup of rice - good for only one person. We ordered like 3 servings extra because we really liked it, we ended up wasting 3 cups of rice because we only wanted the chicken. Anyway, out of 10 I rate the food that we ate, except the chicken and nilaga, at about 6 to 7. The interiors is charming though. I love the yellow wall paper, it looks so vintage and great with the wooden furniture and wooden wall finishes.

Overall, we had a great time, especially that we enjoyed taking jump-shot photos later.
Bfast 4 Tis the yummy chicken Bfast 7 Nilaga, which I say tastes like the pinapaitan in Ilocos, minus the bitteress
  Bfast 5 DSC_0016


  1. Thinking about it, I never had a successful jump shot pic.haha. :)

  2. Hi Michy! I have lots of them. We just can't get enough. :)