May 19, 2012

Why Jessica Sanchez?

It’s not because she’s half Filipino that someone like me likes her so much to create a post in my blog. It’s her hard core talent that makes her every inch an Idol. Talent consists of not just the voice, though I must admit being compared to the likes of Whitney Houston is not a scene we see every day,  but also the skills, the judges have said many times that in the way she sings, she’s got the maturity level that many professional artists take years to reach.
If you ask me which among her songs in Idol I love the most – I can’t pick any, I’m just so awed by her talent, by every rendition she makes. Watching her numerous videos, be it Idol-related or personal ones, I can not only see talent but the great dream and heart burning in her.  It is her passion towards singing that pushed her to learn her craft well and reach that maturity experts say she has. I’m no expert, and in fact I can say I am a person that is not difficult to please when it comes to singing but one doesn’t need to be an expert to spot a real raw talent. There are many singers nowadays who are more of charmers rather than real singers; I don’t have anything against them believe me I have even fell in love hearing some,  but in a competition, heating the notes should be as important as giving the performance a soul and depth, or charming an audience.  Jessica is a complete package.  She’s a soul singer, a powerful voice, and has a style of her own.  She definitely has an incredible gift. To quote Jimmy – “she has that engine.” I say, it may take us a while again before we can see and hear someone that has the kind of engine Jessica has. Whatever the outcome will be, I can bet big and high that Jessica will make it on top – if not on Idol, of the charts and in our hearts. (Photo taken here)


  1. Jessica Sanchez is sure to have a career already. :)

  2. Yes. Isn't she amazing? She'll surely make successful albums.