Jun 17, 2012

Want to be a freelancer?

Are you a writer of articles and essays? Would you like to be a freelancer? Do you have a computer and fast internet connection? Lastly, would you like to earn extra income? In this times of economic hardships, it is a normal scene to see people getting additional jobs or income sources like small businesseson top of their formal job. There are organizations on the Internet that are willing to pay people to write for them. There are other sites where one can also submit articles and they get paid based on the traffic they draw to those sites. Beware though because not all of these can compensate you properly for the good work you do. Here are just some of these sites.

Triond - you can write about anything under the sun. Submit your articles to Triond and they will publish your article for you in relevant sites. But for you to earn, you have to draw visitors to your article. The more article viewers you lead to the site where Triond has published your article, the better. The more articles you submit the more likely you will earn. A user's experience can show that for every 100 views (roughly), you get something like $0.05. Not bad, but you need to exert extra effort.

Yahoo Contributor Network - write about anything under the sun and you get published for your quality work. You can also claim some tasks that they post and get paid higher amount. But there's a great BUT. You have to be a US citizen or resident. Otherwise, you can only get paid if they (Yahoo) invite you to write about some given topics. For that, you have to be a high caliber writer.

Essays.ph - in the Philippines, you can check out essays.ph. It is a freelance writing network and you can be surely paid for writing for the clients in this site. Just keep your record clean and you're good to go.
All voices - I have seen this from a Facebook ad. It says you will get paid if they publish your work. This works like Triond where you need to draw visitors first to the site, only that their payment scheme is not clearly shown as it is not easy to locate the policy in their site.

Odesk - it is like essays.ph but BIGGER. It caters not only to freelance writers but also to programmers, encoders, developers, analysts. It is a network of half a million contractors. The contractors (i.e. the writers, programmers) work for clients who post jobs on the network. These contractors compete for the jobs based on their qualifications, skills, and feedback from previous works. It offers a guaranteed payment system if the work is billed by hours of work.

There may be many other sites one can try. But I strongly recommend oDeskbecause it is a greater network and a tested one. Click the ad below to get to oDesk and find great opportunities.

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