Jun 14, 2012

Sagala Night at Cerritos Trails

It is a nice feeling to be a part of a livable community, where people do take part in important events and other initiatives. It is after all what makes a community. Recently, we had a Sagala Night at our village. It was so fun despite the rain showers late in the afternoon which has momentarily halted the activity and spoiled the kids' excitement. But it was great that the kids had other stuffs in mind which kept them busy. The girls paraded in their fancy gowns and the boys had their turn too. They danced inside the hall not minding the rain outside. Later in the evening, they still found the energy to push through with the parade around the subdivision.
Cerritos Trails Camella 2

Cerritos Trails Camella 3Cerritos Trails Camella 7 Cerritos Trails Camella 5Cerritos Trails Camella 4 Cerritos Trails Camella Cerritos Trails Camella 6
Andre went too with his Barong and had a great time.

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