Jul 9, 2012

My European experience

Yes folks. I have just got back from a travel of a lifetime. It is one that I consider as such because it may not happen again. Yeah, you may call it milestone.
Being in Europe takes you back in time. Walking on the sidewalks of either Barcelona or Milan gives an ambiance of being in a historical documentary or 18th century movie setting. It is both an exciting and exhilarating experience because I have long dreamt of doing this but did not expect such length of walking I have to do under the western summer heat. People here do not fully utilize the function of an umbrella as they love to sunbathe, a habit that I, as a person who spent her entire life in the tropics, do not actually appreciate.Anyway, just to give a brief summary, my itinerary was mainly Barcelona but I had a side trip in Milan and Lake Como, Italy. Click here to see more of my Barcelona itinerary.
Barcelona Spain Barcelona was really lively especially that it was summer time and Rebahas season (sale, sale, sale). I did not fully maximize my time to visit every destination there is in the tourism catalog, but I made sure I tired myself out in looking at the old buildings and churches and went off road to its small streets to get to know more about the place. I ate paella and drank sangria, and witnessed a crazy moment in the life of Barcelona people - watch them watch their famous football team - Barca. And with that I had fun, really.

Barcelona Barcelona 2 Barcelona Paella (Photos up-down: Me at Plaza Catalunya, old buildings around the city, and seafood paella for my lunch, yummy!)
My Milan trip was likewise fun. I saw the huge Duomo, it is like I'm living in an art piece. The architecture of buildings is so much like Barcelona. It was so hot in Milan I thought I got sun-burned. My Lake Como trip was awesome. I went to a cruise to see the different parts of the lake. I regretted I did not go to Bellagio, the most famous resort in Lake Como. Riding the funicular is highly recommended. 
Milan Duomo Milan Ferrari store Milan trip Lake Como great trip Lake Como Cruisa Italy
If I have to pick the bext experience I have had, I have to go for Lake Como. I felt so elated and happy. But if there is one thing I have learned though, it is that while I had fun by myself, it would have been so much nicer had I shared it with my better half and my family. Perhaps next time...
More details about my travel will come out soon!
(Photos: Duomo in Milan; front of the Ferrari store in Milan; on my way to Castello; view of the Lake Como, Italy; me riding the boat to experience more and see the best of Como Lake)