Sep 8, 2012

Working Moms' Issue: How to travel with less guilt

Working moms, especially those who have to travel as part of the work and career advancement often have to face the guilt of leaving the kids behind. We worry about them, their school works, their health. We worry that they won't get the level of concern and kind of attention we, parents, can give them. Here are some suggestions to ease our worries away whenever we go on a travel.
Traveling mom 1. Talk it out with the kids.
Make sure they understand the situation. Explain what the travel is about. The kids actually appreciate it when their mom makes an effort to share where she will go and what she'll be doing. When you come back from the travel, make sure to share your adventures and experiences.

2. Create a to do list for each child. 
Even if you have a household helper, make sure that your children have a share in the work. Make a detailed list of things to do after school, in the evening, and in the morning before going to school. Discuss these to the m to make sure they understand and approve of these.

3. Write a note to the school
You have to write a short note to the school in case they need to get in touch with you regarding the kids while you are away. Leave them a number where they can reach you in emergency cases.
4. Leave your kids some numbers to call in times of need. 
Give them your closest friends' in addition to their grandparents' numbers just in case.
5. Buy all the things and food they need while you are away.
Hit the grocery and supermarket. Create a week-long menu, if you will be away for a week. Make sure they have enough rations.
6. Arrange for an affordable way to call home.
Set your roaming service. Inquire about the rates, you don't want to get surprised or shocked with the bill when you get back from the trip. Choose the more affordable way if you have options. Schedule your nightly chat via Skype so you can talk to your kids in a better way.

Your being a mom doesn't stop when you are away from your kids. Do your best in preparing so that you can feel less guilty and anxious. It will definitely help you do what you are supposed to do. You will be more effective in carrying out your task knowing that your kids back home are doing fine. With this in mind, you can have time for yourself and enjoy your travel somehow.

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