Sep 12, 2012

Home Idea: The Charming Italian Home

I've got to make a post to show off some photos I took from my travel to Italy last summer especially that of a house up in one of the hills surrounding the breathtaking Lake Como. I've always liked the Mediterranean style. I say it is one ideal house that you can emulate if you are on that crucial stage of finding the perfect place or designing your own home.
Lake Como Italy home
The lovely house with a garden.
The Italian home with a garden is so charming. It oozes a nostalgic aura, like in a classic film. I feel I am in one of the scenes in The Godfather when I saw some small plots. The greens are so relaxing. In these times, it's good to go back to producing your own backyard supplies of veggies. I am the farming type (something I inherited from my dad, God bless his soul) so I'd rather go for a small house with a large plot of land than a big house with less garden space.

Lake Como Italy home garden
I'd like a door as my window please, so fancy. Verandas are so cozy. If you like those balconies in movies where prince charming comes by at night to visit, you'd really love to live in Italy. Drinking coffee is much more rejuvenating in the balcony. Aside from that romantic feeling, it is a great way to ventilate the room, so that air can come to the room more effectively. If I am to remodel my house, I'd do just exactly the Italian way.
Lake Como Italy home 2
Beauty comes from small, simple things.
Those small flower pots by the tiny window or in the patio, they are just so nice, especially that they are uniformly lined up in an area like in this photo below. It is so simple if you come to think of it, yet the effect is quite dramatic, adding character to not just the window or patio but the entire look of the house.

Lake Como Italy window
Lake Como Balcony 2
The rural Italian home epitomizes simple yet elegant living. It exudes a light and comfortable feeling. It is what every home should be like.


  1. Ganda naman. :) Sana pwede yang ganyan design sa Pinas. :)

    1. Why not! Gusto ko nga yan eh. :) Thanks for dropping by Michy!