Sep 15, 2012

How to organize your child's closet?

Does your child often complain about difficulty in finding what he/she needs in the morning before going to school? Is the closet a picture of disarray and chaos? Organizing your kid’s clothing effectively is one way to avoid the chaos.  For instance, segregating the clothes and assigning certain area for each category is important so that your child can easily find what he or she needs in no time. Here are some steps to follow in organizing your child’s wardrobe.

 If you haven’t done yet, buy a closet that has lots of division and big enough to hold your kid’s clothing.  This will help you in the organization department. There are quite a few options if you have a small closet with only 2 to 3 shelves inside than if you have more compartments in the closet.

Segregate the clothes based on the usage. Separate home clothing like pajamas and sweatshirts, shorts and t-shirts from school uniforms and other outdoor clothing. Clothes that are rarely used like costumes, formal attires, off-season clothing should be separated from the regular wardrobe.

Arrange them in the closet compartments according to frequency of usage.The most regularly used ones, like the sleepwear and regular home clothing should be put on the easiest to access shelf. Put the socks and undergarments like boxer shorts or panties in an easy to pull drawer.  Hang the school uniforms, jackets, and outdoor casual wears.  Put rarely used clothing in a different compartment, in a box, or in a different closet. You may also put them in the less accessible part of the closet like the top or bottom shelves.  These include costumes, formal attires, and off-season clothing.

Keep all things orderly. Buy a drawer organizer so undergarments can be neatly organized.  Under each clothing category, separate different types. Creating partitions is the key. Shorts go together; shirts are on a different section. Hang pants on the other end of the hanging rod with tops on the opposite side. For girls, dresses go together. 

Have your child participate in organizing his/her closet. This way, he/she can have the driver’s seat in the activity and gain more appreciation about why you are making effort to put things into order.

Give your child an incentive for maintaining an orderly closet.  Sometimes, the best medicine is a good and sincere conversation between you and your child.  Reward any initiative that he/she shows in keeping the closet neat and organized. This will build a good habit of organizing in your child.

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