Aug 20, 2009

How would you like your steak?

How would you like your steak?
I say medium-rare. It's so good, so mouth-watering and tempting. Well, I say there's always tomorrow to start the long impending diet I've been planning, if I ever have a serious plan.:) This one I ordered when we ate at the Meat Plus, a steakhouse in Subic, Zambales on our way to Grande Island. It's so delectable, you should try it when you get a chance to visit Subic. I definitely recommend it, my thumbs up!

Medium rare should be warm and mostly pink to red center, on the outside it should be firm but juicy and soft on the inside. If you'd ask isn't eating uncooked meat bad for me? Whether you eat rare or medium rare, calm down because steak is different from other meat like pork, chicken and ground beef. The risk of taking in bacteria from steak is on the outside, if it is not handled properly with clean hands and utensils. The outside part should be cooked though. Thus, medium rare is just the right doneness. Steak doesn't contain parasites like those that strike chickens and pigs. Caution, ground beef may have bacteria so it should not be undercooked. Chicken should also be thoroughly cooked as it commonly carries salmonella. Undercooked pork may be even worse if the pig was infected of trichina worm.

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