Aug 7, 2009

Easy to Build with Legos

I'd like to share some Lego artworks that are easy to  build. My 8-year old son has really the talent to put his Lego toys (he mixed it with other Lego-like pieces) into its maximum potential. And I am ever so proud of him. His works are pretty simple but I am always amazed by his imagination.When I ask where he based his works, he always tells me he imagined them or that he got the idea from a Comics or magazine. He has the picture of the object/animal/character in his mind while forming them with his Lego. His favorite subject to make is the dinosaur. I am sharing his works here so other kids can learn from them. You are free to share yours too! Enjoy! (Note: these are original ideas, my son did not use any instruction manual, he relied on his imagination and creativity.)

Lego Train

Lego Wall-E
A liger
Lego Liger lion tiger


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