Sep 9, 2009

A dose of reality and a touch of fantasy

I've been wanting to finish reading some books.  Being a busy working mom, having extra time to sit and read is already a luxury even just for a moment. I have quite a lot on queue. Two of these are quite poles apart as one tells of a painful reality and the other one of incomparable tales of fantasy. First, is one that has been a long overdue reading, that one which have been criticized in White Man's Burden - Jeffrey Sachs' The End of Poverty. The other one is my ultimate fantasy favorite, Lord Of The Rings (50th anniversary one volume edition).

It's funny coz the more I get deeper into The End of Poverty, the more that I learn about how it is becoming likened to the LOTR. I am not saying that what the book says isn't possible but with the current state of global hunger and poverty where we are in, the inevitable destruction of our ecosystem, and the very slow progress of reform in the government especially in this country, it is highly probable that Sachs' envisioned end of poverty shall remain a great publication subject, a fantasy.

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