Sep 10, 2009

Crayon Melting in Paper Mache

Last Monday was declared a non-working holiday because of the death of the " Iglesia ni Cristo" leader and the kids as usual are whining of boredom coz we couldn't get out of the house, it was raining crazily. So, what I did was to get the piggy bank paper mache I bought from the Sunday market last weekend and we had an awesome coloring session. We did some crayon melting and colored the piggy bank  in all sorts of strokes and shapes. It brought colors to the plain and boring piggy bank. The kids totally enjoyed it. It was the first art project we've done together since this school year started, since they started to get really busy especially my second grader whose sked is really crazy (school starts in June in the Philippines). It was a nice diversion from the usual lego works, drawing cartoon characters, and watching DVDs  and movies that we do during weekends.Though we certainly lacked materials when we did this, it was a nice and enjoyable bonding moment for me and the kids.

Hey, these paper maches are great gifts too.  They come in different sizes and shapes so you have a lot of choices. If you are interested, please get in touch with Ms. Magel of ART inday Cafe & Gallery: 09177929020.

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