Sep 12, 2009

High Time for Green!

Green is in! Green is the way to go. Green ideas, green options, let's get green.
I have just talked about my close encounter with a Sunday market here in Makati that showcases green, great ideas to be healthy while taking care of the environment. Click here to go to that post.

Anyway, I want to show you a real green secret of ours. People from Ilocos do eat green leafy veggies everyday. Our region used to have a very high proportion of elderly and some attribute it to the diets of Ilocano people. There are two popular favorites, the malunggay and saluyot. The more common one which grows the entire year and is found and easily grown everywhere is the saluyot (or jute).

This saluyot leaves can be cooked fresh or dried. It's grown in a very green way because it does not require fertilizers and pesticides, unlike the cabbage, unless one plans to mass produce it. It usually grows in fields near riverbanks but back in our place, it grows in our backyard. And it's a convenient and cheap source of fiber and a lot of nutrients like iron, protein, calcium, thiamine, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and ascorbic acid. How do we cook it? It's very simple, we boil it with other veggies like string beans, put a little bit of salt or anchovies to taste, some onions, and top it with grilled fish. Yummy!

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