Oct 9, 2009

The ordinary box

I came upon this very simple, inexpensive wooden jewelry box when I was a student back in Tokyo and I went to a flea market in Shinagawa. It's not as I said extraordinary but it really caught my attention and so I bought it instantly for 300 yen. I really consider it a great fine. Since then, I put it on the top shelf of my closet  in my room in TIEC, Odaiba, and brought it home. I still use it as a jewelry box, of course, and whenever I look at it I find myself smiling, I just don't know what's the fondness all about. The feeling is like that of a child to a particular pillow/toy bear that he/she likes.

I just like it. It's one of those that I'll keep til I get old. I'd probably give it to my children or to my future grandchildren, so they'd remember me and how fondness and joy could come from the smallest and simplest things.

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