Oct 8, 2009

Celebrate life!

My "lolas" and I are such shallow people. We can have immense fun together just by chatting over a cup of coffee. Yesterday, we sort of escaped from our busy schedules to eat out together and have, as I said, coffee...and delicious pudding at Figaro (it was yummy).

For me, moments like these are therapeutic. We should not prevent ourselves from enjoying life and friendship with those people dear to us. Go out and have fun. Bond with your family, hang out with your friends, come out and do the things you love to do. Eat your favorite cake. Watch your favorite movie again. No matter the situation you're in right now, don't forget that being sad and worrying too much won't make things better. Let's keep in mind only those things that are essential. For life is short. (Photo courtesy of my good friend Renee. Top: Nina, myself, Bless; Above: with Renee and Bless)

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