Nov 18, 2009

An Update

So what's with November that I seemed to have forgotten my blog?
Well, I don't have any excuse nor alibi.
I've just been, well, quite disoriented and disorganized and..busy. I've been to the province and so I told you that already. I went home to visit my folks, one who's still doing great and another who I guess is doing greater up there somewhere. And it was a bit nostalgic. I enjoined the entire Filipino community in remembering the dead loved ones. It took me no less than a father's death to finally realize the meaning of this event. And so though it was my birthday, I buried myself in preparing flowers, and they were very lovely, instead of having a party or celebration.

When I got back here in the city, I was too preoccupied with my research works at the office and my new hobby. Among my first works were pot holders and some coasters. As I've mentioned before I was having difficulty mastering the circle crochets so I stuck with the rectangles, :). It's a good start and I am really enjoying this hobby, it's quite challenging and gee, far more exciting than Econometrics!

Well, anyway I have had several starts. It's frustrating when there's no more thread. I had to go to Divisoria to get my supply of the threads that I need. I am starting a mini-blanket and an afghan andI want to keep the styles simple, coz of course that's all I can do for now. I've also found out that Youtube is a great site for the tutorials, next time I'll try to do that ribbed crochet and the rest of 'em.
I am proud of what I've made as a start. Ciao!


  1. What is the event called (to remember the dead loved ones)?

    I'm looking at your projects - aren't you talented!

    Hope you get more time to blog this month. :)