Jul 16, 2011

Timeless treasures at the thrift shop

These days, it isn't easy to find things that of good quality but great value for money. But with a little more effort in looking and really sorting through items, one can have a great advantage going to thrift shops rather than buying new ones from say the mall or the furniture store.  With the right timing and a dose of luck, you can really get items such as furniture and accessories that are priceless. I have been going with my bestfriends to thrift shops recently, we were looking for a 6-seater table made of solid narra wood. My bestfriend needed a table that goes with her narra chairs, such pricey inheritance from her ancestors, because they are moving to a new house. Because she had been moving around asking lots of people already, she kinda learned quite a lot about the stuff she needs including the prices. Usually, the price of a solid narra table would range from 20,000  to 30,000 but she got hers for only about 16,000. It's a good bargain for such a rare and valuable piece. And there's so much more than furniture that are worth visiting in thrift shops. There are decors, chinaware, and collectors items such as the Elvis Presley doll (shown in the photo below). There are also lamps, chandeliers, signature bags and women's accessories, all pre-loved of course. These photos shown are those from thrift shops in Hen. Hizon Street in Bangkal, Makati - you might want to check it out.

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