Jul 20, 2011

Saizeriya in Shanghai

I have a favorite Italian restaurant back when I was in Tokyo - Saizeriya, that I was so happy to find in Shanghai (Nanjing Road) during my China trip last month. It's not only because its menu was really affordable for graduate students like me back then, but most especially because the food was really good. These haven't changed. The food is really good and affordable especially in China. The salad costs only about 9 yuan. I like it a lot that their serving for salad is large enough for my huge appetite. I ordered my favorite -grilled chicken! Yummy!


  1. Saizeriya is one of my fave italian restos here in Japan especially i am a fan of drink bars, so it's a plus point why i often go to Saizeriya

  2. Yeah, apart from the great affordable food, their drinks are bottomless.:) Thanks totomai for dropping by, I'm flattered, I'm a fan of your photography.