Jul 2, 2011

The West Lake in Hangzhou

We went to Hangzhou's pride - the West Lake, which became a World Heritage Site just when we were in China. Its facade is charmed  by a park that is so green, one would only be tempted to stop by and take a seat. It's school break time so many young people fill the streets and public places. The West Lake is a tourist destination for the old and the young, but most of the tourists are locals.
Anyway, we didn't take the cruise coz we had a hectic schedule, we needed to see other parts of Hangzhou too so the visit was brief. But we learned there are far more things to see in Hangzhou if time would allow us.

How can you not stop by and sit for a while? For a mom like me who's always rushing here and there, I dream that one day I could sit on a park like this carefree and just watch people come and go while I read my favorite book.

This bridge scenery reminds of the classic oriental art paintings, the only thing missing is a temple and a mountain at the background. It's nice to feel as if you  became a part of that classic scene. Hangzhou is an hour away from Shanghai by a hi-speed train or 3 hours by bus.
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