Jul 8, 2011

Where to shop and dine in Hangzhou

Although I was really wanting to avoid shopping, I couldn't help myself when we walked through this old shopping street in Hangzhou - Qinghefang Street (one of the oldest streets in Hangzhou which can be dated back to the Southern Song Dynasty). The thing is, I might be able to come back again in Shanghai someday but might not have the same opportunity to come back in Hangzhou again (the language barrier really got into my nerves), so I tried to forget a promise I made to myself for a while. But most of the time, my camera lens saved me for I was more busy taking photos rather than buying things, good for me!
Just a few minutes away from the West Lake - one can find  this really nice old, well-preserved ancient street full of souvenir shops. The famous longjing tea (green tea), silk, chopsticks, and many other Chinese goods are sold in the whole stretch of this street. The Hangzhou silk and the green tea are Hangzhou's most famous products.The Qinghefang Street is found in the southern end of the Yan'an Road and the northern foot of Wu Shan Hill.
We found it unintentionally when we were just walking on our way back from the West Lake, looking for a ride going to the university. My friends and I were very lucky to have found this place. Also, after all the tiring walking and sightseeing, we were so lucky to have found the restaurants, so many Chinese restaurants- and it's parallel to that of the souvenir shops! How convenient!

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  1. Such color and beauty! My brother has been to China and I have a friend who is moving to Hong Kong. I know it's a huge country and quite diverse; maybe I'll get there some day.

  2. Hi there! That's great. Well, it is easier to navigate HK compared to other parts of China because they speak English.:)