Aug 12, 2011

Busy with blocks

Andre's pirate ship newIf there is any other thing Andre's busy with aside from sketching - it's building blocks -even his Jenga blocks are not being used for what it's meant for coz he likes to build things - a lot! He's got some nice, sometimes unbelievable, creations. I have no idea how he came up with these things in his mind because whenever he does them - he doesn't have any object in front of him to imitate. It must be there already in his mind - the picture of the objects he's building. The one above is a pirate ship. And owing to his addiction of Harry Potter, the train below is his version of the Hogwarts Express. Andre's Hogwarts express This one below is, according to him, the Empire State Building inspired by Percy Jackson. Not bad huh? Andre's Empire State Building
This one below is an earlier version of pirate ship, because he liked Peter Pan. Andre's pirate ship back Andre's pirate ship front
And last but not the least - here's Andre's Ron Weasley's house in Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. Andre's Ron's house


  1. emie oandasan-manuelAugust 12, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    that's really amazing!...they have wonderful imaginations & talented hands!..future Architect in the making (";) must be a very proud mom ate!...

  2. Hello there Emie! 'glad to see you visit here and finally commented.:)Thanks very much, yes I am a proud mommy and your kuya Bob too. We were blessed with wonderful kids.:)

  3. Hi Aubrey!

    Love the weasley house hehe. Very creative and colorful. Something like this should go in Colorful Weekend... do join! I host this fun weekly meme of the colors that rocked our week... then we bring it over for everyone to see each weekend. :D Hope to see you there sometime.


  4. Hi May! Can I include as many posts as I like? There are quite a lot of colorful things going on in this blog.:)Thanks for dropping by!