May 17, 2012

Living in Cerritos Trails

Cerritos TrailsWhen we moved here in Cerritos Trails, I knew it wouldn't be the same as living in our Makati apartment where everything is almost within an arm's length. In fact, it was a major change - a life-changing decision. The adjustment period was about half a year to be honest - but that was more because we moved in at the middle of the school year (can you believe that?) If you can imagine how difficult it is to commute everyday for my then preschooler and third grader from Bacoor to Makati, it is even worse in real life. I'm glad that part is over now and I am so proud of my kids for passing that stage in their life, that part when their mom just made up her mind one weekend and decided to move the next month because of her excitement with the new house and because she's getting tired of floods in Makati. I know, I may not able to get over the guilt and forgive myself for that drastic decision but nevertheless, things turned out great for us here in our new community, I'm so relieved. To cut the story short, the kids are now well-adjusted, we all love the place, the house, their new school, and the community.
DSC_0007 It is peaceful in here, which is what I really love about moving in and buying a home in gated communities. The kids can freely bike their feet around, there is a swimming pool where children of all ages could splash to their heart's content, and there is fresh air which is non-existent in the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet, we have the convenience that a convenience store could provide, thanks to Finds, and we are near a mall (SM Molino) where we could watch movies. If we want some serious shopping/malling, Alabang is just 10 minutes away. 
Although, our area is not necessarily traffic jam-free, our gates (Meadows and Springville) are situated before and not after the crossing of Daang Hari and Molino Rd. which is a major crossing a.k.a. bottleneck. So we normally don't experience this inconvenience that dwellers in Dasmarinas or Paliparan may be dealing with. Lucky us! And also, the advantage of being inside established communities, Springville, is that we are near some commercial areas, schools and churches, unlike if we have moved to an entirely newly developed community far from existing ones. We are in an exclusive village, yet there is an easy access to amenities and other stuffs. Looking back, I am happy with our decision. It is rewarding to have a home of our own and to live in a peaceful and pleasant environment.
Some tips for the newbies in our village:
To buy fresh seafood - check out a corner store (ala talipapa) near Don Steven's
Tailor - there's one at the back of Montessori dei San Lorenzo (main building), try 09199441917

Check out my previous post about Cerritos Trails for more details. For schools around the community, check out this post.


  1. Nothing beats a clean and safe environment. Never mind the distance. :)

    1. You're right. It's very important to growing children most especially.:)