Sep 27, 2012

A day's fix

I had the luxury of time to give our kids' study room a fix last Sunday. I badly wanted to because of the mess that is almost incomprehensible. The kids, and adults, just shoved things here and there allowing this unsightly thing to transpire. Tapes are everywhere, I do not know where to find this and that, my kids keep asking about their stuff. It's becoming time consuming and stressful to just locate a sharpener or paint brush.
So how did we do it? First, we took out everything, throw a lot of papers away, sort and sort, took some containers, and done quite a lot of labeling.
Home organizing before 2
Throw away. I asked the kids to check which toys can be discarded. We can donate those that are still okay and throw the rest away. I also went into the piles of school works, old quizzes, and projects. I did threw most of them after consulting my kids. It's so nice that they cooperated and participated in the sorting. They actually did not realize how many small things they got.

Home organizing before sortingSort. I took out some filing boxes and sorted the kids' stuffs accordingly. Test papers go together, sorted by subject and put in separate folders.
Identical containers make a blast. Plastic bins are amazing organizing buddies. Buy identical ones so that when you put them together, they create a nice effect. These should not be too big so they can easily fit into the shelves. Later, if you wish to change the positions, you can always do so because the size of the bins is not limiting. For very small things like pins and clips, you can use identical plastic containers (disposable picnic containers are okay) and put them alongside each other.
Label all bins and file boxes. Label, so that you will be able to look what you are looking for because everything has a label. Get a fancy tape or sticker that you can use like the one I used below. Make it uniform as well for a nice and neat look.
Experiment. Update the look of your shelves by putting on a wallpaper or gift wrapper. Here, I used a wrapper to hide the stickers. A wallpaper will definitely do better.
Home organizing filing Home organizing after 2
For the test papers in the current quarter, I took some folders and labeled them on the side with my pretty tape and labeled them.
Home organizing school supplies
In the coming days, we will build-up one side of the room for the blackboard and other posters. This part is still a work in progress. I will share the developments of building this particular wall soon.
Home organizing study room
So, here is an effort to make a difference, I captured the before and after. 'Better than before eh? For now, this is okay for a day's fix. :)
Home organizing before BEFORE Home organizing after AFTER
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  1. Wow!!!! Super organized! Hope we can do the same at home. :) Kudos!

    1. Thanks Michy!I felt so relieved and happy to have done it. 'Been planning it for a while. Tune in for the next quick fix. :)

  2. Great job, Ate Au! I've been wanting to do it also with a lot of readings and lecture notes I collected from the school, but find no time yet. It's a good idea to have those file boxes and plastic bins. :) By the way, I noticed that the 'before' scenario is not that topsy-turvy. This shows that Sean and Andre are not really unorganized.

  3. Thanks so much! Yeah you're right the before scenario is not too bad, only not so pleasant to look at and because there were no label, it was difficult to look for smaller things. The challenge now is how to keep it that way especially when they're in a hurry in the morning.
    As for your lecture notes and readings, try to lessen them, if you have soft copies, you can throw some away so that it becomes less difficult to organize. It's so fun once you see the result.:)