Oct 8, 2009

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

I've been digging into my travel photos archive lately to show you some really cool places to go. One of them is the Fisherman's Wharf in Macau.It is the first theme park in Macau. The complex includes 150 stores and restaurants built in styles of the famous seaports in the world, a casino, a hotel, some rides and hall. The facade shows what looks like Rome, the inside part resembles old England and Venice, and you can also catch a glimpse of Mt. Vesuvius.

At night, the ambiance is really romantic and cozy. Me and my hubby spent a few minutes sitting by the fountain near the entrance because we really felt that the beauty of the place and the night and our being there has to be savored. It's just so amazing.

Macau is such a nice place for sight-seeing. The interesting sights are located not far from each. In fact, we walked ourselves to Fisherman's Wharf coming from the Lotus Garden. We also dropped by Sand's which is located in front of the Fisherman's Wharf. Other must-see places in Macau are The Venetian Macau, San Malo Square, St. Paul's Ruins, and Ama Temple.

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