Jul 23, 2011

Day in the gardens

By now you'd probably know how fond I am with nature, plants, gardens, flowers...The gardens along Daang Hari Road in Molino, Bacoor is one of my favorite sites in our new place. It's where I got all those indoor plants I've been photographing all this time. I went to buy some more indoor plants and flowering ones.

I got there early in the morning aboard my bike of course, and I was lucky enough to see the white lotus flower in full bloom. Well, the owner says it's lotus but it looks like a lily. But whatever it is, it's amazing. When I zoom my lens in, it's like - it's the only bright thing there is. It's really nice. The owner told me to capture it while it's in full bloom, petals open, the best moment to see its beauty. I immensely enjoyed my time at the gardens.

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