Oct 30, 2011

The famous Davao Pomelo

davao pomelo 3There's a lot of catching up to do in here. I start with this delectable, juicy encounter with Davao's famous pomelo I bought from SM Hypermarket. It's really pricey but I tell you, it's worth it. My kids loved it coz it's so sweet, and juicy. The kids are enjoying their semestral break with lots of TV hours these days. The pomelo was a great, healthy treat for couch potatoes! davao pomelo 2
I remember our paternal ancestral home flanked with lots of variants of pomelo when I was young. Some trees were huge, some were easier to climb. When my grandpa, the one who planted these trees, passed away, the pomelo trees started to die one by one too. The fruits too were sweet but nothing beats the Davao pomelo.
davao pomelo andre

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