May 14, 2012

Angry Birds ala Avengers by Sean

Sean's artistic talent and addiction to Avengers got mixed in this most recent set of drawings he did. They turned out so cool, I am amazed there's no doubt. I hope the concept is really original as he said, to make sure he's not violating any copyright out there. Well, among the characters he created, I liked most his version of Iron Man which he named Iron Beak, and Captain America who turned into Captain Angry. Black widow's reincarnation - Black Bird-ow was so nicely conceptualized as it really looked so strong yet feminine, 'must have something to do with the eyes and the pink hair. My criticisms, though, which I told Sean is the version of Thor - Thor with Egg Hammer. Thor, who happens to be my big crush, is way more good looking than Sean's version. But overall, I'm so proud of Sean. He's really so talented - a cartoonist in the making. What can I say?
iron beakthor with egg hammerincred-eagle hulkhawk eyecaptain angryblack bird-ow


  1. Very creative! superb imagination! i like it so much kuya Sean!

    1. Hi Ninang! Thanks to you, share it with Ayan, he'll like it.