Working Moms and More would like to share some recipes, be it borrowed or original.
Please do come back as we try to add to our short list.

Ilocano dishes
Pancit Miki - a famous merienda treat in the Ilocos Region.  The usual way is for Ilocanos to make their own miki noodles at home, make the dough themselves and cut them into flat, short noodles. A few, however, are already opting for the commercial one, because I live in the city, I just bought the commercial miki. But the home-made one is the best. The "miki" is also great for breakfast. I just so love the soup.

Igado - is a popular dish in the Philippines. This version is the Ilocano one and a borrowed recipe from my sister-in-law. It's usually served in fiesta and other important celebrations. The main ingredients are pork meat and pork liver.

Ensaladang Bagnet - a great appetizer, Working Moms and More's improvised recipe.

Pork siomai - my first attempt at making pork siomai is found here. This recipe is a borrowed one. I like that it is moist, not hard like those found in fast food stores.

Garlic shrimps - an experiment and one that really pleased me. A very simple, heart-warming, recipe.

Quick Tuna Pasta - liven up that boring Sunday afternoon with a healthy and delectable tuna pasta. It's so easy to prepare.
Quick Home made Pasta


  1. the pansit miki in Ilocos Originated in Bangued, Abra. it was later on spread in the Ilocos Region. This is Bangued, Abra Pride!

  2. Hi Quuenie! That is interesting!Really? I wonder if they taste the same?Cheers!Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi..sarap naman yang miki..taga Bangued, Abra ako...thanks for sharing some of your recipes.

    1. Thanks very much! Thank you for dropping by.